Sunday, 30 July 2017

Caron Cake Cardigan

I succumbed and bought some Caron Cakes yarn when they came into stock in Hobbycraft in Carlisle.

I bought the shades Rainbow Sherbet, Mixed Berry and Lilac Frosting.

I think it is always difficult to know what to do with a colour change yarn until you can actually see how the colours change.  I could see that this one was going to be quite 'blocky' so I thought I might do little colourful cardigan jackets for my Granddaughters.

I knew roughly what design I wanted so have a browse through Ravelry for a pattern.   I found this one..

You can find it here..

I decided to use the Rainbow Sherbet one first and got to work.
I got all the pieces done, some colours lasted the full piece, while others changed within.  The photo looks awful in this one, the 'orange' is really mustard, and the 'mustard' colour is more of a pea-green.

I decided to join all the seams with a visual join, making it part of the design and adding a touch more colour. Just the buttons to add now, trying to decide between pink pawprint buttons or daisies  :)

I am going to make another, but this time I think I will re-write the pattern so I make the back and front in one piece, therefore spreading the colour a little more evenly.

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