Friday, 4 December 2020

Could I be an Activist?

One of my Uni tasks is to create a presentation, around the subject of Activism.... this it not something I ever thought I could be,  I feel strongly about a lot of things - such as animal cruelty and exploitation, racism, homophobia and loads more... but I have never tried to force my views on other people - isn't this what Activism is about?  I was a bit uncomfortable.

I had to find a subject that I didn't think would offend anyone, whilst also being true to my own beliefs.  

After a lot of thought  (2 hours drive back home from Uni) I decided to do my presentation on Puppy Farming.  No one can get upset about objecting to Puppy Farming can they?

Feel free to watch the video of my presentation... you might learn some facts that you didn't know.  I certainly did.

So, I did all that research and put together the presentation, having had to first master the workings of PowerPoint (which I have not used in many many years) - sat back, quite happy so decided to send it.

THEN, I find out that we have to take this subject forward and create an "Artefact" from it.  What on earth would I do?  I found it really difficult to think of how I could take that further in a creative way, so I decided to start again   :)


I needed to completely start from scratch, so this time I went with something I know quite a lot about – Crafting for Mental Health.  I feel passionate about people using crafts and art as a release for everyday stresses that life brings.  It can be very meditative and is certainly calming to the soul.


I am really looking forward to doing some further work on this.

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