Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Africana Twist.

I started this necklace for the Bead Buddies June Colour Challenge, which was Orange, Brown, Black & Cream.

I used 4mm Cats Eye Beads in Orange and Cream, 4mm Glass Beads in black, and an AB coated brown seed beads to make the twist. It is the same pattern as the Twisted Bracelet from a previous blog.

I was planning to make the clasp a button and a loop, as I often do, but here comes the mistake. I sewed a button onto each end !

Now, rather than cut it off and repair it, I took it as a challenge to adapt it in some way and make it different. So I made a double loop from seed beads which attaches the buttons together. Then I made a matching dangly to thread on between the buttons.

So now you can wear this necklace in two different ways. As a simple rope with the button fastening at the back, or as something a little more detailed with the dangles at the front. :)
Just about to start a matching bracelet, will try and not make the same mistake this time :)


  1. Sooz you are a darling I have been sitting here wondering how to alter a necklace so it is more wearable, the fastening I did did not work and you have gave me the answer you don't mind if i pinch part of your design do you.. :-)

  2. Of course not, feel free :)


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