Friday, 18 June 2010

What can I make?

Picture the scene.....

Sitting in front of the TV, trying to complete a beaded necklace and you run out of black beads !

Well, unlike other people, I am lucky enough to have a "shop" at the bottom of my garden, but could I be bothered to walk 13 steps down the path, turn all the alarms off, unlock the doors and get a new pack of beads? NO...

Instead, I grumbled and mumbled and sat back on the sofa in a sulk.

Then, not being one to sit for long doing nothing, I picked up the box of beads I stash indoors, and tried to work out what I could make without trailing out to the shed.

I had some clear seed beads and some sparkly acrylic faceted beads. So I made a twisted bracelet. It is a stitch I have used many a time, but this time because the beads were slightly bigger so the design was stretched out a bit.
I added a gorgeous acrylic sparkly heart button, as this was all I had in the house that matched - but a good match I think :)

Anyway, if you want to have a go, try this....
  • Take a length of thread and string on 12 seed beads, tie in a circle with a double knot.

  • Thread on 3 seed beads and a 4mm bead, and sew into the 5th bead in the circle.

  • Thread on 3 seed beads and a second colour 4mm bead and sew into the 10th bead in the circle.

  • Thread on 3 seed beads and a third colour 4mm bead and sew into the first bead before the first 4mm bead.

  • That is basically it, thread on three seed beads and a 4mm bead each time, alternating the 4mm colours, and sew into the bead before the next 4mm bead. Round and round in a circle.

I still have not collected those black beads from The Shed, every time I go in I forget !

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