Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Variegated Peyote Bracelet

Time and time again I come across the statement "Oooo I would love to work with seed beads, but don't know where to start" (or similar), and it really really shouldn't be that daunting. Once you have made your first bracelet you will be addicted and ready to try new designs.

The beauty about working with seed beads, is that they are quite portable, you can put a few in a little tin, with some thread, a needle and small scissors and carry it in your handbag. (this might annoy your partners, parents, children, but who cares?)

I have even taken projects on Planes with me, you cannot take the scissors for obvious reasons, but 'Airline Safe' nail clippers (£2.99 from Boots in the Airport) cut thread beautifully.

Most beaders begin with Peyote Stitch, and continue to use it forever as it is so adaptable. It is really simple to learn, and once you have it you will be churning bracelets out in no time.

With this in mind I have developed a starter kit, with step-by-step, very easy to follow instructions with photos, and all materials needed (except scissors)

The nice bit is I have also added a little bit of design, the kits will come with 5 numbered bags of beads, you start with Bag 1 - working through to finish with Bag 5, this means you will end up with a prettily patterned variated strip with very little thought :)

Also included are the bead for the clasp, and instructions on how to add it, so you will finish up with a wearable piece that you can show off and be proud of. And the price is only going to be around £4.00 (plus p&p)

The sample one I have done is in lilac, through to purple. I have loads of other colour variations in mind though.

What do you think? A good idea?


  1. Definitely a good idea, a lovely affordable kit, and the easy design using separate bags of beadies is also great! Will you be doing similar kits for other stitches too? Cos I already know peyote hehe

  2. We will indeed :) Watch this space.


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