Sunday, 25 July 2010

Chevron Necklace

I have a little sketchpad by my bed, and often scribble ideas in it, or rip things out of magazines like the patterns on a dress, or an interesting neckline, to see if I can translate it into some jewellery.

One evening I had just driven 300 miles up the motorway, and spotting the Chevrons on the road around Birmingham, got it into my head to try and play around with the shape to make something. I sketched some Chevron designs in my pad when I got home.

So, this is the first attempt, three decreasing Chevrons. Made in Delica beads in Clear, Pale Blue and Iris Blue, sorry about the bad photo, I find that these colours are the worst to photograph.

Then I had to work out what kind of "chain" to put it on, nothing seemed to match the very straight design, in the end I did a play on the original Chevron and decreased and increased as necessary.

I don't like it at all (The chain part, not the pendant part), everyone who I have shown it to actually do seem to like it, but it's just not me. Whether it is because I generally prefer softer edges, rounds and swirls, and this is just a bit 'straight', I don't know.

But moving on, I have now taken the original design and adapted it into bracelets. So watch this space, hopefully I will be finished them very soon.


  1. Wow, those colours look lovely together, like the design too! Look forward to seeing the bracelets next!:-)


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