Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Stained Glass at School.

I was asked to go into my daughter Shona's 6th Form Art Class at school to let the students learn how to make some Stained Glass panels.

It was quite bizarre going back to the school that I left 26 years ago !

There was 6 students, the teacher and an assistant wanting to play :)

I bought some lovely packs of mixed glass, and the colours were bright and vivid, perfect for what we wanted to do.

The students drew a plan, and cut themselves some glass to match the patterns.

Then they used the grinder to take of the sharp edges, taking care to use safety goggles, hats and aprons,

...in fact I think they enjoyed the "dressing up" part a little more than they should have :)

Next they stuck copper tape to all the edges,

then it was time to face the soldering iron.

They all did incredibly well, even the teacher, and some lovely pieces were produced.

I had a great time, it made a lovely change.


  1. I love it that you say 'even the teacher'!
    You taught them well - great results!

  2. I think he really enjoyed it :)


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