Sunday, 7 November 2010

Earrings Galore!

My Mother-in-law asked me if I could send "some of my stuff" down to her in Oxfordshire, so she could take them to a craft group she attends.

How cool, I thought, and got to work packing everything up. Unfortunately a lot of my stuff costs quite a bit of money due to all the hours I put into certain pieces, so I thought I should send some cheaper items too.

So, today, I got to work on making earrings, I haven't made earrings for ages and ages, in fact I would say months, and do you know what? I quite enjoyed it. Theraputic is the word.

I just brought out a big tub of mixed beads and some earring findings and got to work. Took me about an hour, with a couple of cups of tea made inbetween, to do 22 pairs. These will be offered for sale at £2.00 each, so I hope now that the stuff I have sent will suit most peoples pockets :)

Wanna see?

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