Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A fluffy, snuggly baby scarf.

I was asked by a friend to knit a little scarf to keep her baby warm in the cool Cumbrian weather.

She chose Sirdar Snowflake Wool.

In a lovely shade called 'Fluffy Plum'.

I have knitted  (what is the past tense of knit?  knitted?  knat?) ..... anyway,  I have knitted with this wool in the past, I made a super cuddly teddy bear for my niece a good few years ago, and remembered that it wasn't the easiest of yarns to knit with.  If you drop a stitch it is almost impossible to find, and the texture is weird.  The yarn is the cosiest, fluffiest, softest material to touch, but knitting with it can only be compared to knitting with cotton wool dusted with icing sugar.  You actually expect your hand to be sticky once you reach the end of a row, but of course it's not  :)

So, I did just a short little scarf, so it cannot get wrapped around too tight, and finished it off with a couple of purple pom poms.

Every girl needs a pom pom in her life  :)


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