Thursday, 4 October 2012

Travelling Bracelet Adventures

Do you remember me telling you a couple of weeks ago about the Travelling Bracelet Project?

Well, if not, CLICK HERE for a little reminder  :)

Sadly, my time with the bracelet is now up and I have to pass it onto to another lucky beader, but in the meantime let me show you where the bracelet has been whilst in my care.

First, it took a little trip into my workplace, Hobbycraft, Carlisle.

Where it said hello to lots of lovely beads.

My colleagues were all very interested and a few were talked into being included in this blog  :)

Here is the beautiful Amy, a lovely picture with the flowers making a stunning backdrop.

And this is Nathan... of course boys can wear travelling bracelets  :)

At this point I entrusted the bracelet to my Manager's care and she took it down to Bournemouth for a meeting (360 miles away) and managed to get the CEO of Hobbycraft - Catriona Marshall to pose for a photo with it  :)  How fantastic!

Catriona Marshall - CEO of Hobbycraft

When I got it back, the next stop was Higham Hall, where I teach various crafts throughout a residential weekend.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't too kind for a decent photo against the magnificent scenery, but this mountain is Skiddaw, usually under some cloud, but under a lot that day.

I shall miss the bracelet, it is packed up and waiting to go to the next person once I have an address.  It was very comfortable to wear and attracted a lot of attention.  I shall follow it's further adventures with interest  :)

If you fancy signing up for a go, visit this website.

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  1. Well done, Sooz. The travelling bracelet travels on!


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