Saturday, 6 October 2012

Sock Monkeys at Higham Hall.

A couple of weekends ago I taught basic jewellery making at Higham Hall, I stayed on and did a Sunday afternoon class on making Sock Monkeys.  (A whole weekend of crafting, what could be better?)

This was a new class, four hours had been allowed but I was a little concerned it would not be long enough, however most people got their monkeys finished and a couple that didn't had only very little to finish off at home.

It was a large class, apparently it booked up very quickly, so I imagine there will be another one in the next programme.   We had a group of 15 ladies, all wanting to sew up their socks :)

There were fluffy socks, stripy socks, floral socks, used socks, new socks, bed socks - all kinds of socks, which in turn made all kinds of monkeys.

The first monkey finished was this handsome chap.

This little fellow ended up with the title "Donkey", I guess he does look a little like a donkey, and not sure where that tail was supposed to be sewn!!

This monkey was made from mens sports socks, which made him all fluffy, yet manly  :)

All of the monkeys together, don't they look great?

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