Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Festive Rum Butter Recipe

Now that we’re heading into December it’s now acceptable to get in the festive spirit!

Personal touches are what makes Christmas so special, and so with this in mind, Wren Kitchens have asked a range of food, craft & interior bloggers to help them put together their #24DaysOfWren interactive advent calendar – which showcases a variety of Christmas inspiration behind each window! With everything from mince pies…to handmade nativity outfits it aims to get everyone in the festive spirit!  I was thrilled to be asked, so here is my Christmas offering.

RUM BUTTER.  Is there anything more perfect to spread on your toast on Christmas morning?  I think not.

Now, for those who do not know, there are two types of Rum Butter - Cumberland and Westmorland.

The Westmorland recipe requires the butter to be creamed into the sugar, whereas in the Cumberland recipe you melt the butter then stir it in.

So basically you need 1lb of soft brown sugar to half a pound of butter and a "glass" of rum.  My glass was rather large, but there's no point having a weak rum butter is there?  :)

Here is how you make it:

First, find a jar (or jars).  I picked this cute little hexagonal one from Hobbycraft.

Sterilize the jars by washing thoroughly in boiling water then popping in a hot oven to dry off. Don't forget to do the lids too.

Then, slug a generous splash (be quite generous, you do want to taste it) of Rum into the sugar and stir to mix.

Melt the butter.

Mix the butter into the sugar, this will take a little while as the sugar dissolves.  You will need a good beating arm.

When it is totally mixed through, leave it to cool for about half an hour, then go back and give it a really good beat.  At this point I use the electric mixer to make it a little easier.

It makes the Rum Butter creamier if you repeat this step - leave it for another half hour, then go back and beat it again.  You will see at this point that the colour changes and it becomes lighter.

I leave it another 15 minutes and give it another whisk to make it light and fluffy.

Next you need to pop it into the jars, I thought a spoon would be too tricky so I filled up a piping bag and piped it in.

(Lots of little jars all full to the brim with delicious Rum Butter)

To give as gift I added a little material circle to make the lid prettier, and an ingredient label.

If you want to see the rest of the crafty Advent calender, then please visit:

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