Wednesday, 4 November 2015

How to make a Curly Wurly Snake Plate

with winter looming and the weather looking decidedly dodgy, you may be wondering what activities you can do with the young 'uns.  Well, how about this for a cheap and cheerful craft?  I am sure you remember making them at school, but it is always nice to have an update and a reminder on how to do things, so here one is   :)

This is a well priced craft as you can buy packs of paper plates for as little as £1.00, all you need on top of that is a pack of colouring pencils or felt tips, and maybe some other bits like tissue paper, glitter, stickers etc....

So, grab a paper plate and draw a spiral on it. staring at one edge, then using the rim as a guide before evenly drawing around to the centre.  Stop at a good point so that the middle looks like a snake head.

Next you can draw some kind of pattern if you like, or just freehand from here on in.  I chose circles for this one as you don't have to be too neat, but it looks quite good when finished.

Start to colour in your pattern....

Building up the colours slowly  (which takes more time, which means more concentration and tired nippers at the end ; ) )

Then you can use your finger to blob some dots of glue all over and sprinkle with glitter - if you so desire.

When your plate is totally dry, using some scissors  (and maybe an adult if the kid's are quite young) carefully cut around the original spiral mark you made, all the way to the centre.

With a hole punch, or the end of the scissors, make a hole in the 'nose' and thread through some yarn for hanging.

Then shake it out and you have a curly, wurly hanging snake.

If you have older children, you can get them to draw more ornate patterns, like scales.

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