Saturday, 22 April 2017

A C2C (Corner to Corner) crochet Duck panel

Just one of those evenings when you need to fiddle with something, but inspiration has escaped and ran down the road.

I went to search through my laptop for my "things I must try" list and found nothing that inspired me there.  But then, accidentally, I clicked on the icon for my Cross-Stitch designer - I used to design and sell the odd Cross-Stitch pattern about 12 years ago.   

So I was browsing through them when I found a group of Farmyard Animals that I had done.  after a little editing, I printed out a pattern suitable for a C2C panel.  I went and dug some yarn out of my stash and got to work.

Can you tell what it is yet?  Oh yeah, a Duck - because I told you that already!

I put a photo on my Facebook page and got all sorts of random answers - a Mario Mushroom, Angry Birds, Pokemon, Christmas Tree (!!), Dragon.... I can see where most of them were coming from.

Oh, and an eye appears.

Ahhh, and then we have a Duck... but also a huge issue!  I ran out of yarn!!   And as it was from my stash, and unbanded, I have no idea what it was or where it was from.  It is a strange lillacy blue colour too so no hope of matching it.

So, now I am deciding whether to pull it all out, just put it in the bin, or add a totally different coloured corner.


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