Monday, 8 May 2017

A randon Quilt Top from Charm Squares

Do you know one of those days when you have LOADS to do.  You go to your workroom to get started, not knowing which of the many "must get this finished today" projects to start first - you walk past a piece of fabric, or in this case a pack of charm squares, and think "I will play with these instead"?

Yeah, those days.

I bought this pack of charm squares ages ago, just to see what they were like.  I have never had the inclination to do anything with them, they didn't inspire me, they just sat on my desk, still wrapped, minding their own business.

Then, of course, when I an super busy, they want to be used!!

So, I got them out, tried not to sort them in anyway whatsoever, I really tried to use them randomly - failed a little bit by swapping some of them about.   But I simply sewed them into strips.

Then I sewed the strips together.  Then edged them in some fabric I found in my stash that matched quite well.

And that was that.  I haven't done anything else with it since. It has sat in the same place since then, on my cutting table - meaning I have had to cut on my ironing board  (as usual).  My inspiration has gone.... whittered away on the wind.  I have no use for a blue cartoon themed quilt top, but I guess I should finish it anyway........... at some point. In the future.

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