Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Duke Of Edinburgh Skills Training

For the past 12 weeks I have had two fab girls in for a Skills Training session for the Duke Of Edinburgh Awards. Lauren and Eleanor.



No idea why the hoods were up, must be a fashion thing :)

It was a 12 week course in Beading & Jewellery making. We covered basic beading, earrings, beadweaving stitches, polymer clay bead making, wire work, tiara making and glass work, including fused pendants and glass bead making.

Our last lesson was glass bead making, and both girls took to it like ducks to water, producing some fabulous beads which they then made into bracelets for themselves.
So, I would like to thank Lauren & Eleanor for attending and being so enthusiastic, and hope that the skills they have both learnt will prove useful to them in the years to come

And here are their finished beads from last night :)



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  1. This is wonderful Sooz!
    You are a fabulous teacher, they have accomplished so much! Are they ready to fly the nest yet?! *lol*

    Which direction do you think they will fly in?



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