Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Glass Bead Making Therapy

Sometimes you just need to take some time out. Undisturbed time out !

So Sunday saw me trotting off to my workshop to play with glass. I tend to get undisturbed peace in there due to a nasty burnt thumb once when someone popped in and made me jump ! Now, everyone steers clear when the torch is on.

I just needed to play, but without thinking too much about shapes and designs.

I had my iPod on my favourite toons playlist, a large glass of White Zinfandel, and a few rods of glass. What more could you possibly want?

(Note: It is probably not a hugely good idea to partake in alcohol whilst operating a propane & oxygen torch, so please do not follow by example) :)

I made these......

Some simple gravity frit beads, love the colour they ended up being.

and these......

A simple striking yellow glass with a Silvered Ivory stringer band.

and these.....

Inspired and taught to me by the fabulous Laura Sparling, she is an encasing genuis, and I love coming back to re-make these beads, they always look so cute.

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