Friday, 26 March 2010

The Tie Project

I had this mad notion...... blame it on too much cheese, or wine...but it seemed a good idea at the time :)

The idea was to take a Tie and reproduce it in as many different ways as I could.

The tie I was initially after was one I spotted on David Dickinson, him of the antique fame, it was a patchwork of different patterns and colours - a riot of colours, and very interesting.

However I failed miserably to find one, so instead I trailed around the local charity shops and found some different ones.

I decided on this one in the end. A navy blue tie, with 6 stripes of different shades of green.


Ok, so the first project was to recreat it for a necklace - imagine his and hers for a posh party, this necklace strung over a little black dress would look so eyecatching :)

This was stitched in Peyote Stitch, using Delica beads, it was tricky to match the greens in the fabric exactly, so I tried to do it as close as I could. The actual tie measures around 7" long.

I then strung it onto some wire with some cat's eye glass tube beads alternated with Swarovski Crystals and Fire-Polished for a bit of sparkle :)


The next thing I had planned was a glass tie, to be used as a pendant. Only when I started cutting the glass I realised that the thinnest strips I could cut would make it way to large to wear, so it is now a wall hanging measuring approx 10" long.

Have you noticed the not so deliberate mistake? :(

Keep your eye out for the next instalments :)


  1. Glass tie does it for me. What a super way to get the creative juices flowing.

  2. Are you going to have a go Terri? Did you spot the error?


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