Wednesday, 22 December 2010


I did this a little while ago for my Dad's (Daddy L) birthday, but I came across a photo of it and thought I would share :)

Daddy L loves poppies, he is a photographer and adores photographing flowers, especially poppies. So I thought I would try and do him a poppy picture with a difference for his special day.

I took two pieces of clear glass and found a nice simple poppy picture on the internet. I put one piece of glass on top of the picture and traced the poppy onto it, then coloured it in with glass paint.

Next I put it into the kiln to fuse the two pieces together.

Stupidly, however, I forgot to put the fine details on first so of course they ended up on the back once it was finished !! However I was still moderately pleased with the result. I could have turned it around but the top side was beautifully smooth and the underneath rather rough.

Next I found a pretty background image on the internet and cut it to fit the fused poppy tile, I put a piece of bright red card in a beautiful black wooden frame and glued the poppy tile in place.

Ta da, a 3D picture for Daddy L :)

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