Thursday, 23 December 2010

Where did you get that hat?

When I was at my friend George's having a play day when she showed me the most gorgeous chenille crochet hat she had made.
Ooooo, I thought, I could do one of those.

First issue, I couldn't find any chunky chenille wool, second issue, not having a pattern I couldn't do the hat like she had, no matter what I tried, they all ended up looking like tea cosies !!
Well, I thought, I am gonna make a hat of some description, so decided on trying to recreate one of my most favourite hats which is actually a sun hat I got in Greece around 8 years ago. It is such a comfy hat to wear, although too summery for our cold winters here in the UK.
Using that style I came up with these...

The first one I made in Grey, a lovely chunky wool called Pampas by Wendy. It took two balls, with a little left over for decoration.
I added a double layered "flower" with a button centre.

I think it suits my daughter Shona better than it suits my Dad !!

The second one I made was with the most gorgeous random colour wool called "Indi", it is around £4 for a small ball, (it took 3 balls) but it is so gorgeous and colourful.

The button I used in the centre of this one is a loud, funky, glittery gold one :)

Lovely & cosy for the winter :)


  1. love the second hat and I think your dad looks quite cool in that hat!! :O)


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