Friday, 24 December 2010

Sock Monkeys

I have been making Sock Monkeys of late.

What is a sock monkey you may ask, well funnily enough it is a monkey made from a sock - well, 2 socks actually.

If you google "Sock Monkey Pattern" you will get loads of free designs to make your own.

I bought a pack of 5 socks for £2.00 in Primark, just the regular ladies ankle socks are fine, you don't need extra long ones or anything.

So, basically, from the first sock you make the body and legs, by sewing the legs in place (I used a sewing machine for this part), turning it right way in and stuffing it before sewing up it's crotch (Ouch!!!)

From the other sock you cut a tail, two ears, two arms and a snout. Hem them, sew them, stuff them and sew them into place. A couple of buttons for eyes and your Sock Monkey is born !
Then of course you have to name them, just take a look at your finished monkey and see what name suits them.

Meet Zen & Lori...

And this is Pablo.


  1. Aw....Pablo wants to live with me!!!

  2. Awww Cherry, sorry. Pablo has already gone off to live with his new owner, settling in very well I hear :)


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