Thursday, 28 February 2013

Paper Roses

I found an interesting tutorial for paper roses, made out of coffee filters.  You can find it here..

So, of course, I thought I should have a go.

I had some coffee filters already in the cupboard, and I bought some florist wire and tape from Hobbycraft.

Within the tutorial was a link for a petal template - click HERE to find it.

I couldn't be bothered to print it out, so I just took a guess and drew it from the screen shot.

When it came to colouring the rose, the suggestions were red wine, or beetroot juice.  I did have a jar of pickled beetroots but well out of date, and when I opened the jar the baby beets looked like ugly brown muddy balls - nice!  So, I wasn't going to use that.

I looked at the wine, but on that particular night I was giving my liver a rest. I knew if I opened the bottle I would drink it, so I opted for red wine vinegar instead.  It didn't really have the desired effect, in fact it just made the rose look a bit brown, and the smell....... urgh!

I think it needs more petals to be honest, and the middle petals needed to be cut smaller as the formation is not as 'rose like' as it should.  And it smells funny :)

I might have another go sometime though.

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