Thursday, 21 February 2013

Ripple blanket update

Time to share my blanket update.

I have found myself with two on the go.  This is because I cannot be trusted to finish off one project before starting another.  Ho-hum.

So, let's start with Blanket No 1:

In shades of pinks and purples, this one is hopefully for throwing over the back of my sofas.  One of the sofas is in front of the window, the cats love to sit there - people watching and sunbathing (sometimes!)  Due to this it can be quite hairy and has faded considerable in the sun.  Problem is, I will have to make two of this one - one for each sofa.  I might change the design a little for the second though.

Blanket No2:  is for my daughter, Shona's, room.

Her big brother is moving out into his own pad and she is moving into his room.  Her girlfriend, Marie, is in the process of making her a HUGE canvas in her recognisable doodle art style so I thought I would do her a blanket to match.  It is quite vibrant and cheerful.

I am struggling with the colour arrangement on this one though..... should I have swapped the blues over perhaps?  Then swapped the purples, blending into the pinks..... Oh I dunno!

As each line takes 20 minutes to crochet and I would have to unpick 28 rows - that is 560 minutes, or 9.33 hours.  Hmmmmmm, think I might leave it be.

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