Friday, 1 February 2013

My "new" basket

Thought I would share this with you as it makes me smile, lots.

A blog I follow - Attic24, the writer does the most gorgeous colourful blankets.  As her blankets take a while to complete, she keeps the ever-growing prettiness in a lovely basket.

I want a basket, I thought.

Then, my mind wandered back to years and years ago.  I remember my Mum having a basket to carry her shopping in - one of those would be ideal.  I planned to search on eBay, but I wondered...... did Mum still have hers after all these years?

She did !!  It was in the coat cupboard, high on a shelf, full of winter hats and gloves that they never wear.

It's now mine, well, on a permanent loan basis.

It turns out my Grandfather bought it for her to carry her cookery to and from school when she was about 14.  She lived in the Lake District (Watermillock) and needed something very sturdy to carry the food home in.  The year would have been approx 1956 which makes this basket 57 years old !!

Basket has been dusted off (well, that's a fib as there is nothing dusty in my parents house) and filled with my ripple blanket project  :)

(p.s.  Don't forget the January Giveaway is still open for names.)

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