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Knitted Cushion Cardi - free tutorial

This pattern is written in two sizes - the 16" one is shown in RED while the 18" one is shown in GREEN.
You will need:
  3  (4) x 100g Mega Chunky Yarn
  3 (4) Buttons
  10mm Knitting Needles
  Step-by-step instructions
Sewing Up Needle

1. We are going to be using the thumb method of casting on, so start by making a slip knot  about a meter (1.5 meters) in from the end of your yarn and placing it over one needle. Pull close but not too tight.
The loose part we will now call the TAIL, and the bit attached to the ball we will call the WORKING YARN.
2. Holding the needle in your right hand, and the working yarn also in the right hand, use the long tail to twist and wrap around the needle as shown in the first picture.  Bring the working yarn over the top of the needle as show in the second.

3. Take the first loop, as shown in the first picture, and lift it over the top of the needle, trapping the working yarn as you do so.

4. You now have TWO stitches.
5. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 until you have 30 (40) stitches.
6.  Now working back across the stitches we are going to Knit.
Start by inserting your empty needle into the first stitch as shown, wrap your working yarn around the top of that needle....
7. ....bring the needle down, making sure you catch the loop of yarn that you have just put on, and bring it through the stitch.  Then carefully move the stitch up the needle and off.
This will leave your new stitch on the empty needle.

8. Repeat step 7 all the way across.
Knit another two rows in the same way.

9. In this row we are going to make the buttonholes.  Start by knitting 8 (6) stitches and stopping.
Insert your left-hand needle into the second last stitch on the right-hand needle and past it over the top of the last stitch.  This is a "Cast Off" stitch.
Knit one single stitch, then cast off in the same manner, taking the second last one over the new one you have just added.
10.  You will now be left with 6 (4) stitches, a space and a single stitch.
** Knit 7 (9) then cast off 1, knit 1 then cast off 1.
Repeat from **(1) 2 times more. Knit last 5 (3) stitches. 
You should now have 24 (32) stitches and 3 (4) spaces.

11. Knit 6 (4) then stop.  *** Turn your work around as if you are going to work back again.

 12. Now, insert your right hand needle into the top stitch on the left hand needle, wrap your yarn around as if going to knit, but this time pull the loop through and put it back onto the left hand needle.  This is a Cast On stitch and you have just added one extra stitch to your work.  Now add another in the same way.

13. Turn your work around again, so that the working yarn is on the right hand needle and working back along the left hand needle knit 6 (8) stitches.
Repeat from *** 1 (2) times. Then knit the final 6 (4) stitches.  30 (40) stitches in total again.
14. Now you just knit until your yarn runs out!
Too add another ball, try and do it at one end so to save having a knot in the middle of your cushion.  A meter (1.5meters) is usually enough to complete a row so you can judge if you have enough spare to do that extra row.
 15. At the end of your 3rd (4th) ball make sure you have at least 2 (3) meters left for casting off and sewing up. 
To cast off simply knit 2 stitches, then pass the first one over the second.  Knit another stitch and again pass the first one over the second.  Continue.

 16. To finish, pass the yarn through the last loop and pull tight.
17. You should now have a piece that looks like a rectangle.  Don't worry about those ends of yarn just yet as you can use them to sew up your cushion as you go.
 18. Fold one edge into the centre, then the other edge into the centre, overlapping them by about 3 inches. Make sure the edge with the buttonholes is sandwiched at this stage.

19. Start sewing one edge up, making sure you sew through all THREE layers at the join.  Then join the opposite side in the same way.
20. You will be left with an envelope of sorts. Sew in all your ends and turn the cushion cover the right way out.
21. Sew your buttons on to match the holes.  I start my yarn at one button then weave it across for the rest of the buttons, saves finishing the yarn of each time.
Stuff with a 16" (18") cushion pad.

Cuddle your cushion with pride!

You can find a printable version of this cushion here:

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