Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Button Tree art canvas

Adults like to play you know..... it's true, crafting is theraputic and allows you to relax and chill.  (As long as the craft you choose isn't too taxing on the mind of course!)

The Button Tree Canvas class I did in the summer achieved just that, a relaxing, mindful, calming couple of hours, with a nice wall art to take home at the end of it.

We started by drawing a simple brown tree, I find that being really mean with acrylic paint on the brush, and dragging it over the canvas thinly, you can create a bark like effect without any effort at all.

I also take a hair-dryer to these classes to dry of the paint before we start sticking the buttons in place.

Some people had colour schemes, look at the grey and yellow, doesn't it look great?

And some people just took the buttons that grabbed their eye and used those.

Little flowers were added at the bottom of some.

And butterflies on others...

And all the ladies had a lovely work of art to take home.  

You don't have to be an artist to make these button trees - just a little time and space to let yourself chill and create.

Try it yourself...  (ooo, did that sound a little like Neil Buchanan off Art Attack?  Whatever happened to him?)

If you fancy doing a class with me, I will be running this workshop in Brampton Community Centre on Friday 11th November 2016.  Shout out for more details.

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