Sunday, 9 October 2016

My YouTube Channel

I have had my YouTube channel for ages now and all I have had on it is a tutorial of how to make a paper snowflake, and a few videos of Ruby when she was a puppy.

So, time to start using it properly I think.

I have uploaded a few tutorials, just so I could get the hang of editing the photos to make a video etc.... I found a great little app called Splice by GoPro, it's really easy to use and upload - which is useful for me!

The tutorials I have just put up are step-by-step photograph ones, with some instructions along the way. I fully plan to do moving videos too, but one step at a time   :)

There are a couple of Christmas themed crafts on there, and some Kid's crafts too, would love your feedback on what you think if you have time.

Click HERE to view my channel, if you like  :)


  1. Wow! A YOUTUBE channel?

    (Scoots over to check it out!)

    1. Not a lot to check out at the moment, but slowly and surely :)

    2. What a great resource! You are very generous with your skills :) You should have a craft centre.


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