Thursday, 20 October 2016

Hayfield Flower Blanket - a work in progress

I started this blanket way back in July when I needed a smallish project for a trip away.

I was really enjoying making it, the pattern, once learnt, is quite easy...but, I came home, put it away and forgot about it.

I don't often buy patterns, usually I make them up as I go along, but I had stared too much at this one in a shop and thought that I would probably end up reproducing it from my head, so why not buy the pattern and give the designer the credit she/he deserves.

So, what should I do, keep it for the next trip?  Or dig it out and get it finished?

The pattern is number 7257 and you can find it on Amazon HERE if you like it.  It has the flower blanket, like I am doing in the photo, and a motif style pattern too.

I am using Stylecraft DK Yarn in a mottled green, sunshine yellow and a pinky purple shade.

Now.... where did I put it?

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