Wednesday, 5 October 2016

It's been a while....

I totally feel as though I have abandoned my dear old blog...  life has just gotten so busy with Grand-babies and lots of classes, things to work on, people to see - I am sure you know how it is.

I have keep reminding myself to pop back in and write up some stuff, but then I get distracted by other things and never get it done.

To be fair, nothing much has happened to report, except the usual classes and workshops,  and I am sure you are sick of seeing those time after time - just how many times can you admire a pin-cushion?  (probably a few, but you know what I mean)

So, what have I been doing?    Well, working on lots of new ideas for classes.  I am seeing similar faces to my classes now, so need to offer something new as they are surely not going to want to repeat stuff they have already done.  This takes considerable time as I have to think something up, make it up, write it up, then plan a class around it.  It's at least a full day's work for a new 2 hour class.  But I am totally enjoying thinking of new things to teach, it keeps my brain alive!

I have also just had a hugely busy weekend working in London's Hampton Court Palace at Kirsty Allsopp's The Handmade Fair.  I thoroughly enjoyed that, but was shattered once I got home - it has taken me a few days to grab some energy back.  I will blog more about that later, as I have some photos on my phone somewhere.

So, you haven't missed an awful lot... just a bit of this, a bit of that and a bit of the other.  But I hope to be back up to speed soon, bear with me   :)


  1. I am so envious ... Kirsty Alsops Handmade Fair ...*sigh* ... you seem to be doing it all ... hope thenis enough time left for some red wine and some Sooz time

    1. There is always enough time in the day to squeeze in a nice glass of red ;)

  2. Hi Sooz
    I like your FB page as I appreciate seeing all your creative makes. My wee group managed their advent bunting and have taken it away to finish at home. They will bring it back to attach the cord and then I'll post some pics. Catriona

    1. Great, love seeing pics. Your group sounds like so much fun!


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