Monday, 7 November 2016

Com-For-T. The grand opening of a new venture.

Alan, the Chef/Owner at Com-For-T has been busy in his own home for a while making Chef standard "heat-it-up-at-home" style food, which is delivered to you on a weekly basis.   So, it was nice to hear that he was opening a unit - had outgrown his home kitchen and was going to take the big step to getting a premises.

He opened that premises on Friday.

I meant to ask him if "Com-For-T" means 'come for tea' or 'comfort'.  Maybe a bit of both as good home cooking is proper comfort food isn't it?

Anyway, here is Alan, stirring his pot and looking mighty pleased with himself - although it could be relief that opening day was finally here.

He put on a wonderful array of foods for the opening event.  If you were to judge a man by his Garlic Bread then this guy is right up there, the GB was pretty delicious.

I asked him what Com-For-T was all about.....

I've been asked many times what the plans are for COM-FOR-T HQ.
We will be doing yummy breakfasts, "sandwiches" homemade soups, homemade cakes, pies, pasties,
a daily hot dish & ready meals to take home.
The plan is awesome simple delicious food on a constantly changing menu.

Then there was pizza.... and not teeny weeny portions either, proper man-sized bits.

I didn't try any of this... too busy taking photos of all the pretty offerings... and chatting, as you do.

Tipple was on offer too, well it would have been most rude not too accept a small glass of red.

I just LOVED these cute wooden spoons to eat the stew with, I didn't have any stew, but I did want a spoon, but I thought  I couldn't go stealing the guys spoons, especially on the first night  ;)

Home made tortilla chips to scoop up the stew too.

It was a lovely event, really interesting to find out Alan's future plans and I look forward to seeing him succeed.

So, if you fancy trying something different for Tea, get yourself down to Atlas Works in Denton Holme, to Com-For-T, and see what is on offer that day.

You can find and follow Alan on Facebook HERE.

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