Friday, 18 November 2016

Personalised Christmas Napkins, that cleverly become crackers!

I am constantly trying to think up new class ideas - I like to do some of my classes in two hour slots, as I find this is a nice time frame for people to keep their concentration levels up, and create something pretty too.

Christmas Crafts have usually bypassed me (nah Humbug and all that) but I made an extra effort this year to put on some Christmas Craft ideas. 
One of them will be this..... a handy personalised Napkin that trebles up, one as a place setting and the other as a gift cracker.  (Obviously it doesn't 'crack', but you know what I mean)

The initials are cut from Christmas themed fabrics and appliqued onto the hemmed and stitched linen squares, then rolled around a cardboard tube with a little gift in.

If you fancy doing this workshop, and why would you not?  after all, it's playtime, on a sewing machine!!, just give me a shout   :)

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