Friday, 4 November 2016

How to make a Doily Angel Christmas Card

A good one for the youngsters.  Get them to make this years Christmas Cards - you get half an hours peace & quiet, they get a crafting session, all the relatives will love the cards - it's an all round win-win situation!

Ok, so first of all take a doily. (sneak one to one side so you can colour it in later if you wish)

Section it off as shown in the photo.  I used the waves on the bottom as a guide to where to cut.

Trim off the tops of the thinner pieces so they look a little like this.

Now, grab the metallic pen, mine was gold, and colour in some bits.  You can colour it all in if you like.
(I do realise I sound like I am totally obsessed with colouring in doilies right now!!)

Do some artful colouring on all three pieces.

Next, take your card and Pritt Stick one wing to the card as shown.

Add the second wing.

Then the body part on top.  (now, I have noticed that I have gone completely skew-wiff on this - blame the wine ((it was late in the evening when I made this, not early morning, so don't worry!))

Now for the head.  Take the gold card and the 2cm circle punch and cut out a circle.

Now grab the 1cm circle punch and cut a circle out of your circle - voila!  A halo!  See, how clever are you?  (pop the small circle in your craft box, I am sure it will come in for something.)

Glue the halo to the card as shown.

Now, cut another 2cm circle - if you are lucky the gold card will be white on one side, if not you might have to go and find some white card too.
Glue that circle in place as a head, gold side down.

Draw some sleeping eyes on - or a whole face if you feel the need.  But for the artistically challenged, eyes are good enough.

And there you go.  Fun, easy, effective.  And who wouldn't love a hand-made card this year?

And below is the You Tube tutorial, set to some funky music  :)


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