Sunday, 12 March 2017

Birthday Parties in The Shed

One of the things I offer in my new workshop is Craft Parties.  Birthday Parties, Hen Parties, Baby Showers, Retirement Parties and more...

Last week I had my first two Birthday Parties for youngsters.

I cater for up to 12 children from age 8  (the birthday child can be 8, meaning some of the friends might be 7) but as a special favour for a friend I did a party for Ava age 6.

Ava wanted a Troll Party, so everything was Troll themed.

First we made some decoupaged rainbow houses for a little Troll to live in.

I was so busy that I completely forgot to take photos of all the fabulous little Troll houses, but they were great.

Then after some party food provided by Grandma and a fabulous Troll cake....

... we went on to make some Troll Hats.  Again I forgot photos, but the hats were fab, fleece strips glued onto a cardboard cone and decorated.

Lots of little girls (and a couple of boys) went away quite happy with their makes.

And just two days later another party happened.  This time it was for Izzy, who turned eight.

The theme this time was fairy gardens.

We started by painting Toadstools, which could be for little birds to feed, or of course Fairies to hide in.
They were painted beautifully in fabulous metallic colours.

After food, again brought to the event in party boxes, they went on to do some scratch-art magnets in the shape of fairies  (and a cat for the young man).
The more black you scratch off with these magnets, the more colour you reveal.  There was some lovely patterns here..

If you fancy a party for your youngster, we cater to all budgets and themes (if we can!)

Just contact us  :)

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