Sunday, 12 March 2017

Easter Products preview at Lush, Carlisle

This week I was invited to Lush Carlisle to view their brand new Easter Products.

I have been to one of these before and it was thoroughly enjoyable so I was pleased to be invited again.

First of all we had a hands on experience making our very own Bubble Bar, it was really interesting seeing the ingredients used and how they all worked together. 

 The bar smelt amazing, and even though my sense of smell was pretty rubbish due to a cold, I could still smell it - and still can as I left it in my living room.  Lush products make great room fresheners when just left laying around  :)

We then went on to learn about all the new products just out for Easter.  The display was colourful and jolly, in colours of yellows, pinks and greens.  Very fresh and spring like.

I was quite enamoured with this golden egg, so lustery that even the slightest touch would leave you covered in a layer of ultra-fine glitter.

I loved the way it twisted and turned when placed in the water.   I popped it on the wish list in my head.

So, what do you think comes in this little pot?  It might not quite be what you expect.....

It's a jelly bunny!!   And it totally held it's shape as we all held it, smooshed it, squeezed it and smelled it and tried to use it as a face mask! 

I think my most favourite product of the night were these bath carrots.  You hold each carrot under running water, or waggle it in your water, to create a frothy bubble bath with a hint of colour.  Each carrot gives you 3-5 baths, so it's a good buy at £6.50 for a bunch of three carrots.

Sadly, we couldn't buy any of the Easter products as they were not due to go on sale until the next day, but we were given two each to take away and try at home.

I got a golden egg, which I used in my bath last night.  It was a very shimmery water but didn't stick to my skin like I might have expected it to.  It was gorgeously soft though and left a lovely gold luster on the bath, which I didn't want to wash off as it looked so pretty!

I also got a "Which Came First" Bath Bomb, which was plenty enough for three baths as you crack the egg shape open to reveal a cute little bath bomb chick inside.

Just watch how it melts into the water.

Thanks for the invite Lush, Carlisle.  I will be in soon to buy a bunch of carrots   :)

If you want to view all of the new Easter products, you can find them on the Lush website.

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