Sunday, 12 March 2017

A sitting cushion for Milly the Cat

I used to spend a small fortune on beds for my cats, but will they sleep in them?  No, they will not!  We leave the beds in the places that the cat lies to sleep - but instead of using the bed, they just find somewhere else to sleep.

But, after making a huge bean-bag - which you can find HERE - I had a few 'beans' left over. I didn't want to waste them, or bin them, but equally I didn't want to store them.  So, I thought, I would make a mini bean bag, for a cat.

And do you know?  She likes it!!  I was quite surprised.

So, first of all I decided on a size 40cm x 40cm, I took some calico and cut a simple rectangle measuring 42cm x 64cm.

I cut it in half so each piece measured 42cm x 32cm and hemmed and stitched one long side only - I used a red thread and a fancy stitch on my sewing machine, just because.

I then took some thick curtain fabric with cartoon lions on - well cats for cats and all that - and cut it at 42cm x 42cm.

With the right side of the Lion fabric facing up, I laid one piece of calico (facing down) on top with the raw edges matching and the sewn edge facing the centre.

Then I laid the second piece on top of that - also facing down.

A quick sew all the way around, trim the corners, turn the right way in and Voila!  You have a bean bag cushion cover.

Just make a basic bean bag pouch, measuring 40cm square, out of some sheeting, fill it with beans  and pop it inside.

I still can't get over the fact that Milly actually uses this cushion - maybe because she thinks it isn't really hers?

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