Saturday, 10 April 2010

A Bead Giveaway....but with a difference.

It is quite a mad idea, but I am very impulsive, and when an idea hits me I have to run with it :)

This is a Bead Giveaway, but with a HUGE difference. You have to find me and ask for the beads in person.

The Bead Hunt will happen tonight....(Sat 10th April 2010)...yep TONIGHT....between the hours of 8.30pm and 10.00pm. If they are not collected tonight, then I will hide them for some lucky person to find at a later date. :)

They are handmade glass beads, made by myself in my little studio, and are one-of-a-kind.

So you will want some clues?

I will be in the City of Carlisle, in a family pub on Scotland Road, which has a Premier Inn attached to it.

This is my Weemee avatar, you have to be able to work out who I am from that (unless you have already met me of course, then it will be relatively easy)

...and this is a snippet of the top I will be wearing.

All you have to do is march up to me and say "May I have the beads, please" and as long as you are the first person, I will hand them over. I will try and update our Facebook page ( as soon as they are collected, so try and keep an eye on it.
If you are not near Carlisle, then do not worry, I will be hiding beads all over the place in the next few months, so you might be lucky then :)
Good luck.


  1. Those are the most gorgeous beads but I am far away from where you are. Good luck to all who enter. great prize

  2. If I had known they were still in your possession I might have said, May I have the beads please, in my Scottish accent LOL!


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