Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Blue Bead Day

On Easter Monday, the weather was unpleasant, so dog walking in The Lakes was out of the question. So what a fabulous excuse to turn on the torch and make some beads.

I decided it would be a blue day, and only use blue glass - mixed with a bit of this and a bit of that.

To start with, while the kiln was heating and the mandrels were drying, I made some simple fritty gravity beads. These are made by rolling a basic bead in broken glass "glitter" and melting in, then letting them droop to drag the colour round.
These next ones are a deep deep cobalt blue, encased thickly with clear, and dotted with white. They are a Laura Sparling style :)

Next I used an Ivory base bead, put a wiggly stripe of aquamarine transparent blue, topped with a turquoise.

And these have to be my favourite. An aquamarine transparent base, with a covering of silver foil, fumed to give it a depth of different colours and encased in thick clear.

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