Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Tea Party Lampwork Necklace

When I was at the Flame Off, I spent some time with the effervescant Ray Skene. At the class we both attended he showed off some of his marvelous Lampwork beads.

My eye was immediately drawn to a string of frit covered beads in white with lilac and hints of green. "Ooooo they are nice" I exclaimed, to which he said "£1.00"!
Eh? £1.00, nah, I must have heard wrong, so I laughed nervously and continued to fondle them.

"Yeah £1.00" he says, and thrusts them into my hand.

I felt a bit bad actually, I mean £1.00 for a set of Lampwork beads, it's daylight robbery, but anyway, I agreed to the deal (well I would be a fool not too!) Then he almost chucked a matching set at me, "Now it's £2.00" he said.

Talk about it being my lucky day :)

So I kept the large round ones, I will do something with those later. The shaped oval ones I decided to make into a necklace for my Mum, she has a dinner to attend and needed a nice necklace.

This is "Tea Party" called so as it has a cute little Teapot toggle clasp. With Ray's lovely beads I have strung Swarovski Crystals and some Fire Polished Czech Crystals.

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