Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hobbycraft Videos

You may recall that in April I spent five days down in Bournemouth at Hobbycraft HQ shooting some tutorial videos for their YouTube account.  If you missed that post you can find it HERE.

Well, the videos have now gone live, so you can have a peep if you like  (although I think I need to work on my presenting skills as I am a bit wooden)

Click on the links for each video:

How to cast on.

How to do a basic knit stitch.

How to do stocking stitch.

How to knit a cable stitch.

Knitting tips.

Three basic crochet stitches.

How to crochet a hat.

Four things to make with fat quarters - part 1.

Four things to make with fat quarters - part 2.

How to hand embroider a flower.

Three ways to personalise a bag or t-shirt.

Three basic embroidery stitches.


  1. Your hair has grown! Did you get fed up with saying 'My name is Sue and I work in Hobbycraft in Carlisle'?

    1. Haha, a little - did you watch them all then?

  2. I did. You were terrific.


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