Thursday, 4 June 2015

Talking about the The Clangers on BBC Radio Cumbria

So, do you remember the Clangers?  If you are around my age..... how old??..... you might well do.

They are bringing them back for new episodes in 2015.

The Clangers were little knitted fellows, with very large pointy noses and odd little waistcoats.

On Tuesday I got a phone call from BBC Radio Cumbria from one of the producers. Was I free to go into the studio and make a Clanger?   Oh, sure, I can do that........ em, what was I thinking?

Tuesday evening was spent trying to come up with something that was easy enough to do a quick demo to the studio cameras, yet that actually looked Clanger like.

The obvious would be to knit the Clanger, after all, the ones in the original series were all knitted.  But knitting takes time, and there just wasn't enough to get one done.

A quick trip around Hobbycraft found me some gorgeous soft pink fleece in Clanger colour, and the idea formed to make a Clanger puppet.

He actually came to life quite quickly in the end.  I made one, worked out the bits needed to make him better, re-cut the fabric and made a second, didn't like it so went back to the first and finished him off.

I will be sharing the pattern soon, so you can make your own - watch out for it on this blog  :)

So, at the studios I was half prepared with cut-outs and patterns and trimmings.  And Kevin Fernihough, the presenter from BBC Radio Cumbria got to work making a little waistcoat for the Clanger.

You can listen to the interview HERE at around 38:00 mins in  :)

In the meantime, why not watch an old episode and bring back the childhood memories.

Enjoy  :)

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