Sunday, 7 June 2015

Clanger Puppet pattern

Following on from my interview on The Clangers on BBC Radio Cumbria, I thought you might like to make a Clanger puppet for yourself?  Well, if so, here is the pattern for you  :)

You will need:  fleece fabric for the body - about 3 x A4 size.  Felt for the waistcoat, beads or buttons for eyes, yarn for hair, a little stuffing for the nose.

First of all you need to OPEN THIS FILE and print it off, then cut out the pieces.

Now, you need to cut two pieces of the side body part, and one piece of the front body part.

Time for some sewing.  Machine sewing is better but you can sew it by hand too if you don't have a machine.  

Take the single front body piece and one side body piece and lay the fabric right side to right side, with the arms matching as shown.

Sew from the centre of the top of the head on both pieces, right round the ears, arms and down the body to the bottom.

Now take the second side body part and do the same on the other side.

This time you will sew the remaining open seam - down the nose and down the tummy.

Turn your puppet the right way in and that's the basic puppet finished.

Add some beads or buttons for eyes, and some yarn for hair.  You can embroider a little nose on if you like.  I added some little claws with strong white thread.  Stuff the nose with a little toy stuffing.

Time for the waistcoat.  Cut out the waistcoat template from some felt.  Cut two neat circles for the arm-holes, then you can make your waistcoat a little different by cutting shapes into it, or by sewing things on to it.  How about some nice stitches around the hems and arms?

If you make one, I would love to see photos  :)

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