Monday, 1 June 2015

A sneak peak of needlefelting... but what will it be?

Last week I decided to revisit an old friend - my box of needlefelting stuff.  I want to put some different classes on, so it was time to work on some new ideas.

First I started with a Styrofoam shape, but try as I might I just couldn't get the wool to jab into it at all.  Now, I think this may be the size needle I have as I know there are kits with the Styrofoam shapes in so it should work.... mine, however, did not.

So, chucking that to one side I just made a ball shape for a head, and stabbed it and stabbed it, then stabbed a finger, so stabbed the ball in temper, and stabbed another finger.  

Blood everywhere.  Those felting needles are proper sharp, not to mention barbed, so they really hurt.

Once I calmed down and poured a glass of wine  (it was evening time I should say, not 10am in the morning) I started stabbing again, a little more carefully.

Anyway, a nice firm ball/head later, with a little hippy headband and some striking grey hair. I had had enough.  But I am happy so far   :)

I will be back soon with a body....... hopefully  ;)

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