Saturday, 25 June 2016

A "drop-in" purse making event

I tried a new type of workshop last weekend, a drop-in class where you could just roll up, make something and go on your way again.

This was a little coin purse workshop and cost only £5.00 to make your very own lined, zipped purse.

I only had three people attend, which in a way was good as I wasn't overwhelmed, and of course those people might return to other classes  :)  It was very quiet as it was the Cumberland Show that day too, so maybe everyone was away visiting that.

Anyway, they all got to work with their sewing machines - this young lady has never used a machine before so she did marvellously.

They got to choose their own fabrics of course, then match them with a zip.  These are the results.

A pink number with fabric from the same Fat Quarter pack so they team up perfectly.

Some Kirsty Allsop Charm Pack pieces which worked nicely together and that bright blue zip just finishes it off beautifully.

And last, but not least, teaming a teal and white design with a dusky pink lining worked really well.

Thanks to you ladies that came, I will pop this class back on sometime and try it again  :)

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