Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Mini Kiln Building

We were given a little challenge by our ceramic tutor to research and build a mini kiln – no bigger than 6” high.

I decided I would build something that resembled a hand-built wood fire kiln.

Using this photos taken from Google images, as inspiration.

I grabbed a lump of clay and some tools and got to work.

It was easy enough to build the bottom part, brick by brick, with a gap in the front to allow the air to fuel the fire.

I added some little clay ‘sticks’ as detail.

Next job was to make a little grate, that would sit on top of the brick kiln for the potter to sit on to be fired.

Then I made the top part of the kiln, where the posts would be housed for firing.  This was a round shape, which I made with little bricks again, sealing the inner walls with smooshed up clay.

I also made a lid and some little pots.

Unfortunately the grid snapped when drying, but it wasn’t going to be fired so all was ok  😊

I assembled and presented my little kiln and got awarded 8 out of 10.

Two marks off, as I didn’t put a hole in the lid, and I didn’t label it saying what type of kiln it was .

It’s an updraught one by the way!  😊

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