Friday, 8 April 2022

Triaxial Blending

Today we did some Triaxial blending onto test tiles.

I really enjoyed this process – and as I am rubbish with numbers  (Dyscalculia) I created a little colour chart to help me along next time.

Working with my uni buddy Amanda, we chose some glaze recipes to make up and use.

We chose a white, a lilac and a green.

All mixed up and ready to go!

Next step was to get 21 different cups and number them.

Then we put the glazes in – 5 parts in each cup, according to the chart above.

The next thing was to pour it onto some prepared test tiles.

These tiles were terracotta, with a strip of white porcelain slip painted down the centre, textured and numbered.

This shows how the glaze looks on different clay bodies, along with how it pools into the textured grooves.

I poured one coat across half the tile, then another coat over half of that, so the tile would then show how different coats would look.

All 21 tiles complete, with an extra tile with an equal mix of all three glazes, and an extra tile with no glaze at all.

So, the finished tiles are not quite as exciting as I hoped, the green and the lilac don’t come through that well.   But that is the beauty of testing your glazes.

It does make a really interesting experiment though, and I am going to do it again soon with some stronger colours.

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