Wednesday, 6 April 2022

The Kaleidoscope Project - Tartan disc.

 As part of a uni assignment, I am creating a type of kaleidoscope – the viewer will be made from mirrors and the discs will all be different using various forms of architectural glass techniques.

This disc is a fused ‘tartan design.

I started off by cutting a circle out of glass, then I cut some glass ‘ribbons’ and stringer to fit the circle and laid them onto the class.

I actually worked directly into the kiln for this disc as I knew that trying to move it after placing the ribbons and stringers would be very stressful – and probably unsuccessful 😊

I then fired it at 760 degrees to fuse the decorations to the disc.

I was really pleased with this one when it came out of the kiln, I really do like the Tartan effect.

And it looked great through the kaleidoscope viewer.  😊

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