Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Kidsilk Haze Stripe Scarf

I started making this scarf for a display at work.  I picked this particular wool as it is a slow seller, something, I think, to do with the price tag as it is a hefty £17.99 a ball!  Or rather, it was - as it is now in the Hobbycraft half price clearance sale.

I love this yarn so much, it is soft, gorgeous, silky, fluffy, warm and super cosy.

Knitting with it, however, was a bit of a pain.

Usually when I knit a scarf I can bash one out in an evening, or at a push over a weekend.  This one has taken about 3 weeks.  It knits up at around an inch per half hour.  And as it is around 70" long, I reckon that's about 35 hours work!!

One of the issues is that this yarn is so slinky that you cannot speed knit, if you are a bit hasty with your knitting needles then you find yourself with an empty needle and lots of dropped stitches - it just slides off.  And they are horrible to pick up, they just shrink away and you have to go and find a crochet hook to knit them all back up to the top again.

A few inches in I was desperate to go and buy a few balls and make myself a jumper, having now knit the scarf I am thinking again  :)  It would be lovely, but I know I would get bored and probably never finish it.

Still, it's a beautiful, gorgeous scarf.  If you live near Carlisle, pop into Hobbycraft and go and visit it.  It is upstairs, on the end of a display, you can even stroke it if you like  :)


  1. Gorgeous scarf, Sooz, and respect to you for patience!

  2. Ooh that looks so nice and soft! I might have to go and have a feel!


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