Sunday, 10 March 2013

Tidying out the attic

One of the most boring jobs ever is cleaning out the attic.  It is the place where you shove everything that you cannot bear to throw out but really do not want to use on a day-by-day basis.  A place where you keep all those embarrassing family photos and the children's artwork from school.

But sometimes a job just needs to be done. Today was that day.

As my oldest son, Iain, has flown the nest this week, it left an empty bedroom to empty the attic into.  Now this gets complicated,  I have three children - Iain, Adam & Shona. They all had a bedroom each.  Adam left home at 18 and Shona who had the other small bedroom, took his room as a dressing room.  Now Iain has moved out Shona is moving into his large room where she can have everything in together.  This will leave two empty rooms, one for an office for Andrew and the other for a craft room for me :)

But, before that, the attic...

The contents of the attic filled my soon-to-be-craft-room TWICE !  We filled it once, sorted through and filled it up again.

To cut a long day short, we took a full car full to the recycling centre, put some stuff on a Facebook selling site, gave a few boxes of stuff to Iain for his new place, put all the kids artwork, old photos and Christmas decos back up and decided to re-use some forgotten bits.

But what I really wanted to do was to share these with you.

My Godmother bought me the standing fox when I was little, and I found the other one at a school fete when I was around 13. This makes them between 32-50 years old.  I knew they were up in the attic somewhere and had it into my head that they were Beswick Pottery and might be worth something, but sadly not - they have "Made in USSR" on the bottom!

In a way I am relieved they are worth nothing, I don't have to decide whether to sell them or keep them now  ;)  I am going to put them back on display, they don't deserve to be hidden away in the attic.

I also found my old money box pig, he looks a little tatty these days I am sad to say, and I cannot remember where he came from, I seem to think I got it when I was born but I will need to check with my Mum on that.

At a car boot sale a few years ago I found this fellow, so I bought him for 50p to keep my own company.  They have been in bubblewrap in the attic for  years now.

When unwrapping them for a photo I pulled the bung out of the blue pig and found this note....

It says "My name is Bill Hewit I need a home urgently, thanks Margaret"  :)

Do you have any old treasure you would like to share?  Feel free to add links if you blog about them.

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