Saturday, 9 March 2013

Warwick Higgs

Yesterday was my sister, Julie's, birthday and she is a massive 'big cats' fan.  So I bought her a Warwick Higgs print which I then got framed.

I have loved Warwick Higgs work for ages.  Daddy L used to have a fine art print and framing business so I got to see some wonderful art work as it came into stock.

I bought Julie a wonderful picture of Cheetahs, called 'Peek-A-Boo'.  She loved it.

I also had to treat myself to a new one, I bought 'Head Start'. I don't have it framed yet, will do that when I redecorate my dining room.

Also, in my collection of Warwick Higgs work I have 'The Runners'  (cannot seem to find this one online anywhere, perhaps it's now out of print).

'Highs and Lows'

And the Polar Bear range titled 'First', Second' and 'Third'.

Thought I'd share  :)

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