Saturday, 23 March 2013

Washi tape & paperclip necklace

I succumbed..... I bought Washi Tape.  Well, I bought "Decor Tape" from Hobbycraft, but it's the same thing.

Now, what to do with it?

Aha, I suddenly remembered a necklace we once made in Brownies, oh so way back, around 35 years ago perhaps.  It was a necklace made with paperclips and sticky backed plastic, or Fablon as it is now known.

Luckily I must have enjoyed making this necklace so much that I still remembered exactly how to do it.  And now I will share it with you :)

You will need:

A roll of Washi/Decor tape.
A box of smallish paperclips, just a little longer than the tape is wide.

What you do:

Take a paperclip and cut a little of the tape, wrap the tape neatly around the paperclip making sure the edge is well sealed down.

Take a second paperclip and link it to the first.

Tape it up.

Add more paperclips until if joined together the length would go over your head.

To join, add a paperclip to both ends, but not as a link as you need it to hang down if that make sense.  Tape up.

To this paperclip add three more paperclips and tape up.

Then add three more paperclips to EACH of the three paperclips, tape up.

Again, add three paperclips to EACH of the 9 paperclips, tape up.

And that's it, you have a finished paperclip and Washi tape necklace.


  1. Great idea, Sooz. That would be perfect for the Bead Buddy who does special projects with groups of young people.


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